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Anyone who has read any of my other stories I know to put on sexy underwear like a dog that used to be love, but this story has a twist. This happened about 7 or 8 years. It was a beautiful sunny day, I finished work early so I went to the layby on the A249 near Maidstone. (The layby is closed) As always it was parked a few cars, mostly empty because the occupants in the forest. I have my bag in the trunk and becomes black my stockings, suspenders, lace thong, mini red dress, red heels and a long blond wig. Then got out and entered the forest, which was not easy in high heels, but he had done many times and was used to it. that did not get very far into the forest, when rounded bushes and saw three men, all with their tails, to play together. They saw me immediately, so he approached them. They focused their attention on me. His hands were on me and no one had said a word. My mini -dress around my waist soon, Were pulled my panties aside and felt it was a piece of meat. One of ashemaletube the men leaned over the waist and pushed his cock in my mouth, tails ranging from 6 inches to 8 inches, which was 6 inches in my mouth. He put his hand on the back of the head and thrust his cock down the throat, mouth fucking urgent meetings. When did the mouth ashemaletube of the other two were behind me, both my ass cheeks spread and sticking a finger in each case to my hole and lubricated. The man complained in my mouth and pushed harder on the neck, then ashemaletube pulled his head hard on his cock, I can feel twitching and jerking in my throat, then shot his hot salty milk, I swallowed all his cock licked and sucked clean. He said thanks, put his tail and walked away. The guy with the 8-inch cock came before me and took his cock in my mouth, licking the tip of the balls, and then I took it to my mouth ashemaletube and started as deeply as he could to suck. oIt merely guy behind me and rubbed his penis up and down my ass crack, then the leg of my tight hole and pushed. I finally opened hole and slid in the ass, only a few centimeters. He moved a little, then pushed again. Each time he pushed ashemaletube me, pushed me to the front of the queue in the mouth. He looked deep in my ass, balls, it felt so good, I stayed in the man's throat in front of me as the man behind grabbed my hips and slowly fucking ass. He fucked me with long ashemaletube slow strokes for about 10 minutes, and then began to accelerate. He took me back to his cock, his strokes becoming more urgent, until ashemaletube you beat ashemaletube your ass like a man possessed. He said he wanted to run and hit balls deep in my ass and shot his load inside me. He took off his ass and made me suck his cock clean before putting his dick and left. The last guy who was leaning against the trunk of a fallen tree just behind me and pushed hellos big fat cock 8 inches brave only took my balls deep ass nonstop. He grabbed me and pushed leagues inside and outside of me, hard and fast. I was in heaven, where the second fucking time, his cock was thicker than the first. I grabbed the tree trunk and drove ashemaletube to meet his strokes. I looked over my shoulder, his eyes and said : This did it for him as he pushed his hard cock inside me and ' Fill me with your sperm, fuck and I shot his load deep ashemaletube in the ass. ' shoot I felt deep in my ass. He made me suck his cock clean when I was squatting I felt his cock sucking milk dripping out of my fucking ass. After he was gone, and taught me my way back to my car. I was happy, the joy he had brought a load of 3 men in the throat and two loads up the ass, but I had to make me cum. I just wanted to have a straw, but my car was parked behind a motorhome with side door to open. Inside, there was at first Look what I thought was a woman, but it was not, it was a TV. She / He saw me and waved at me. went down the embankment and into the trailer. ashemaletube She said she had seen how he wanted the fun with three men and to participate, but I will not spoil my fun. She said she was feeling very hot and needed a good fuck as if directly. I put on my mini -dress and showed him my fat throbbing cock and told me I needed milk. I have been blessed with a fat 9 inch cock and when she got out of my lacy underwear was, fell to his knees and took me to the mouth. The door was still open field and when I saw two men watched ashemaletube us from the trees. I said they were being observed, he said, 'Let's see something. ' She put her hands and knees, dress my mini in my ass, my panties down to the top of my socks and then crouch behind me and my brave edges ass. He pushed his ashemaletube tongue into my hole asfar as he could, licked all the cum dripping from my shithole. A then asked if I was going to fuck like she really wanted my big fat cock deep into his belt. Of course I said yes. He put in his hands and knees, I pushed her skirt over her ass, her panties pulled aside and saw that his hole was already lubricated and ready to fuck. I got behind her, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. I lined up my dick with his hole and pushed. His hole opened and she sucked on it. 'Oh God, yes, I give it, all I want everything to me. ' I pulled my cock in and out of her ass, until after a few strokes, I was deep into her ass, my balls smooth rest against him. ' Now fuck me and fill me with your cum, fuck me like the whore I am. ' This is exactly what I did. Did not last long, so I grabbed her hips and pushed her ass out hard and fast, almost all the way up then crashed again at a depth ofI could. I only took a few minutes, I felt ashemaletube the semen on the rise, and then with a final hard push he shouted : 'Yes, dirty bitch, take my cum deep in her ass dirty bitch ' beat, and my cock as I shot 5 or larger 6 injected deep into it. Then licked and sucked my cock clean, before we parted, he said. He left me with two guys before her mobile home. ashemaletube I never saw, but I have a lot more fun to use a dirty sexy bitch. It will give you more information soon. happy rocking Great Alf. X X X
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